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Best Of The Best

Best of The Best Unity Assets

This is my go to list of the best environmental assets on the store. They go into almost every project i create.

You might also be interested in my curated megalist of FREE unity assets. Free does not have to mean low quality!

3D Models



Fly Throughs & Show Off

  • Pegasus (YouTube Playlist) – So you created your awesome scene and now you want to show it off! Pegasus makes this a breeze – and when coupled with Helios you can easily render super high quality videos to put on Youtube. By the way, if it was screen shots you wanted.. did you know that Gaia has a cool screen shotting system built in.. just hit F12 on your scene and its done!

Level Design

Lighting & Weather

Post Processing FX



  • Gaia (YouTube Playlist) – Simple, deep, powerful. Best rated terrain tool on the asset store for good reason 🙂

Terrain Shading

  • CTS (YouTube Playlist) – Powerful and super easy to use – profile based terrain shading system. Unity 2017 finalist in category of best asset store tools.



Vegetation Management

  • Vegetation Studio – Easy to use and very powerful. This incredible system uses instancing to finally make it possible to do large and rich natural environments in Unity. IMHO one of the best assets on the store and an essential part of my work flow!


If you would like to add your asset here, or think that something else should be here then please message me.

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