Hi everyone,

As is usual with most people I tend to focus my attention to where I need to, and some things have gone a little by the way side - like this blog for instance :)

While the blog has been a little unloved I have been putting a tremendous amount of effort into Gaia and the community as a whole and here are some highlights from the past 7 months that I am very proud to have been a part of:

  • Gaia has been live for just seven months, and achieved over 350 reviews at an average rating of 5 stars (I am not aware of any other asset that has achieved this)
  • The Gaia forum at Unity has had over 450,000 views - which is also frankly quite incredible!
  • I was invited to GDC to be on the Unity Stand by the Asset Store team. It was a total blast and I met lots of amazing people
  • Gaia is the first non SpeedTree asset to be offered for sale on the SpeedTree asset store - very cool - love SpeedTree 
  • Gaia is being used to create games like Shroud Of The Avatar, Pantheon MMO, and Crowfall - even the big guys like Gaia :)

Next, with the help of Shawn from Backwoods Gaming (he does the awesome stamp pack extensions for Gaia), there has been a lot of work done here to make the web site a useful destination. The intention is to provide useful information not only on the tools that we make at Procedural Worlds, but also to provide useful information on how to get the best out of unity itself.

Next, Gaia itself will be getting some awesome new skies and lighting. I have been doing some research on how to do this better, and will be releasing an update soon.

And finally, there are some new assets in development. I need to do some things and couldn't find what i needed in the asset store - so i decided to make them. More news soon :)