GAIA is a system that enables rapid and precise creation of gorgeous looking terrains and scenes - out of the box!

With Gaia you will:

  • Define and manage your resources (or just use the ones we supply)
  • Create and terraform your terrain by stamping mountains, hills, mesa or lakes
  • And then leverage your resources to texture, plant, and populate your terrain procedurally using spawners.

Gaia is different because:

  • It’s standard – There are no special shaders or other tricks that could cause compatibility problems (you can safely delete Gaia after you have created your scene);
  • Its stamp based – Terrains are created using stamps, which is a visual, intuitive and precise way of getting exactly the feature you want at exactly the location you want;
  • Its extensible – You can create more stamps via the scanning system, allowing you to easily source stamps from terrains, raw files, meshes, or even images and textures from the internet;
  • Its replicable, adaptable and rule based – all aspects of terrain texturing, planting and object placement is done procedurally and is seed based, which allows it to adapt to new terrains, and makes it perfect for networked games;
  • It's all in one - all the assets you need are included with Gaia and are free to use - textures, grasses, trees, buildings and props, skies and lighting!

Core Features

  • Vanilla Unity terrain support - extend as you like with your own tools - delete Gaia when you are done
  • Terrain creation, import, massage - add height, remove height, stencil heights, difference based heights
  • Terrain texturing - height, slope based, texture, proximity, noise and mask based
  • Terrain detailing (grass) - height, slope based, texture, proximity, noise and mask based
  • Terrain trees - height, slope based, texture, proximity, noise and mask based
  • Game object placement - height, slope based, texture, proximity, noise and mask based
  • Game object Point of Interest support - place entire villages as if it were one object and have it conform to the terrain - randomise them so that everyone is different!
  • Over 150 pre-configured feature templates to be used such as mountains, mesa's, hills, islands and rocks - can be mixed and matched and blended
  • Multiple import features - extend what you can do by importing new features including windows 16 bit raw, mesh, jpg and png, and terrain files
  • Multiple export features - Terrain obj export, raw and mesh, waterflow maps, heightmap, texture map, grass map and island mask exports
  • Session management system - Every step you take is stored in a session - and can be replayed by anyone else who has the same assets
  • World machine machine integration with the ability to use raw files, flow maps etc
  • Spawning API - ability to interact with and influence and extend the spawning system (override fitness, spawning, postspawning)
  • Extension API and a steadily growing set of integrations with 3rd party assets
  • Over 150 pages of documentation plus many tutorials
  • Very active community forum

Bonus Features


Unity Asset Store

Please click this link to see GAIA on the Unity Asset Store.