Unity Asset Store: Backwoods Village Stamps for Gaia
Publisher: Backwoods Gaming

Backwoods Village Stamps is the first of many stamp pack volumes by Backwoods Gaming.  The village pack is a collection of 10 stamps containing a mostly flat area in the center of the stamp which is ideal for Gaia's POI spawning system.  These stamps are perfect for specialized point of interest spawn introduced to the Gaia spawning system in version 1.5.

In addition to the terrain stamps, v1.0.1 and above of this pack also includes the session files used to originally test the stamps.  Simply select to playback the session for stamp 4 and after a bit of exploring, you should find the exact spot the screenshot above was taken from!

This pack is the first volume of many stamp packs for Gaia produced by Backwoods Gaming.

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