Unity Asset Store: Coastal Areas - Terrain Stamps
Publisher: Backwoods Gaming

The Gaia Coastal Area Stamp Pack contains terrain stamps used by the Gaia stamping system to stamp features to your Unity terrains. The coastal area pack is a collection of 10 stamps of various types of coastal terrain including bays, inlets, promontories, and coastal cliffs. Adjust coastal areas of the stamps by using Unity’s terrain tools to make the cliffs steeper or smooth into beach areas.

This pack is the fifth volume in our popular series of stamp packs planned for use with Gaia. If you have specific stamp types you are looking for, please visit our forums and post your suggestion for a new pack in our forum thread.

Gaia sampler assets which come with Gaia include samples from the following publishers/packs. We are mainly showcasing these because samples in the screenshots because they already come prepackaged with Gaia. But for control and a much wider variety of models, please consider supporting these publishers by buying their packs/products!Note, only samples from the packs are included with Gaia. Not the complete packs!

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