Unity Asset Store: SpeedTree Desktop Ground Cover
Publisher: SpeedTree

These SpeedTree models feature seamless LOD transitions and scalable wind effects that work in Unity out of the box. Package includes:

Multiple versions of each species in desktop resolution and four grass models in hero resolution.

82 high-res diffuse/normal/specular maps.

2 leaf map maker SPM files (details).

Create limitless variations of each model or design something completely new with a $19 USD/month subscription to the SpeedTree Modeler.

Integration Instructions:

Click here to download the Gaia eXtension file for this pack.

To use the extension, import the SpeedTree package, then download this, unzip it, and put the script into your project. Give Unity a moment to compile it, and when it's done it will appear in the GX / Installed tab.

Click on the About box for instructions on how to use it.


Get SpeedTree Desktop Ground Cover on the Unity Asset Store.