VR Character Controller – Inspace Toolkit

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VR Character Controller – Inspace Toolkit

VR Character Controller is the most powerful and intuitive VR character controller on the asset store. The system is built on Unity’s native VR support making it extremely future proof and easy-to-use.

ITK allows users of any proficiency level to create custom VR locomotion setups in minutes. Built as a series of modules, ITK makes it easy to add, remove and combine different movement methods, making this perfect for Artists, Designers, and Programmers.

Don’t spend your precious development time re-creating the wheel, kickstart your VR development today, and have a VR Character Controller implemented in just seconds, ready to deploy or build on top of.

Main Features: Mix & Match any modules to create a unique experience.

  • A built-in VR Rig Creation wizard to configure and manage the VR camera rig (never dig through the hierarchy again!).
  • Event driven architecture making ITK very easy to extend.
  • Dozens of configurable locomotion modules for you to mix and match:
    • Advanced Teleporter:
      • Configure teleport arc to rebound off walls or slopes.
      • Rotate your teleport direction with the Thumbstick/Touchpad.
      • Fixed teleport locations (with position and rotation snapping).
    • Smooth movement with the Thumbstick/Touchpad, follow your head or hands.
    • Run-in-place movement.
    • Smooth or snap rotate with the thumbstick.
    • Arm-Swing movement.
    • Grip-and-pull movement.
    • Dash movement.
    • Configurable Body presence settings:
      • Gravity settings, walk in the air or fall (smoothly or instantly).
      • Crouch to walk under obstacles.
      • Prevent walking through walls.
      • Prevent teleporting into spaces based on VR user height.

Configurable Extras:

  • FOV Comfort Fade
  • Input Mapper for VR Motion Controllers.
  • Supports UnityUI interactions.
  • Supports Oculus Rift & Rift S, Vive & Vive Pro, Windows Mixed Reality VR devices.
    • Go & Quest support (In Development! Contact us for more info or jump in our discord)
  • High-quality VR Motion Controller models for Oculus Touch, HTC Vive, WMR. More coming soon!

+ Many integrations and more coming!

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