The Wetlands Stamps Pack contains terrain stamps used by the Gaia stamping system to stamp features to your Unity terrains. The Wetlands pack is a collection of 11 stamps modeled off of various wetlands type areas around the US. From bayou type swamp/marsh areas of Louisiana to low-lying wetland areas in the northern US, this pack contains stamps perfect for you to fill with cattails, Cyprus trees, and other wetlands type fauna. Or, more in the case of our screenshots since I limit them to models included with Gaia, fill them with normal fauna and build them as low-lying flood planes. Many of the stamps have channels, streams, and shoreline type areas. Most are flatter but a couple have a wetlands area towards the center with mountains/hills around it.

This pack is the seventh volume of the stamp packs planned for use with Gaia. If you have specific stamp types you are looking for, please visit our forums and post your suggestion for a new pack in the Feedback and Suggestions area of the forum.

Pre-made Gaia session files!
This pack includes a new feature to the Backwoods Gaming stamps packs, Gaia Sessions! Added to our stamps pack extension is a new foldout which allows you to playback the Gaia session which was created by Gaia when the stamps were tested. The session not only creates a new terrain and stamps it using the exact settings I used when testing the stamp and preparing for my screenshots, it also creates the same spawners and spawns exactly the same as seen in my screenshots! The spawners do require that you have the Gaia sampler assets which are bundled with Gaia to be installed. You can also load the session files into an existing Gaia spawn manager object and select to only run certain parts of the session, for example if you only wanted to stamp the session and then go use your own spawners.

Gaia sampler assets which come with Gaia include samples from the following publishers/packs. We are mainly showcasing these because samples in the screenshots because they already come prepackaged with Gaia. But for control and a much wider variety of models, please consider supporting these publishers by buying their packs/products!Note, only samples from the packs are included with Gaia. Not the complete packs!