Gaia Pro – Introduction


What’s New in Gaia Pro?

  • Complete Rewrite!
  • Multi Terrain Support!
  • Powerful Preset’s System;
  • Simple & Powerful Biome & Biome Mixing System;
  • Stunning Temperate Forest Biome & Plant Shaders;
  • Professional Profile Driven Water System & Shaders;
  • Profile Driven Skies, Lighting & Sound FX;
  • GPU Accelerated Stamping & Spawning;
  • Real time stamping preview with many modes;
  • Revamped & Simplified User Interface;
  • Real Time Visualization System;
  • Stackable filtering system; What about Gaia 2 / Upgrades?
  • If you own Gaia 1 or 2, you can upgrade to Gaia Pro for $45
  • If you own Gaia 1, Gaia 2 will be a FREE upgrade and will have the same core functionality as Gaia PRO, but will be missing some of the advanced features offered by Gaia Pro, such as new HQ water system, new HQ forest biome, and some of the more advanced terrain manipulation features.