You can export your Splatmaps in Gaia using the Show Texture or Grass Splatmap Mask Exporter function under Utilities:

Gaia will assemble each of the texture splatmaps and write them to the GaiaMasks directory. If you have more than 4 splats then multiple PNG images will be created.

The challenge comes when you want to edit them - the 4th splatmap is written to the transparency or alpha layer, and most editing software will not allow you to touch this. 

Here is how Unity shows the mask:


And here is how Photoshop shows it - you cant even see the transparency / alpha information - it is inherently just applied to all of the image channels - not very useful!



So to get access to the transparency or alpha channel, do the following:


  1. On Layers Menu, select Layer Mask -> From Transparency.

  2. Which will give you this:

And then to access the full content of the original channels so the you can edit them do this:

  1. Then delete the new layer mask channel:

  2. Photoshop will show the original channel information so that you can edit it:

  3. When you are done, save and use as you please.


Gaia give you many options to use these masks for stamping and spawning in your scene.