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How to edit splatmap transparencies from PNG images in Photoshop | Procedural Worlds

How to edit splatmap transparencies from PNG images in Photoshop

You can export your Splatmaps in Gaia using the Show Texture or Grass Splatmap Mask Exporter function under Utilities:

Gaia will assemble each of the texture splatmaps and write them to the GaiaMasks directory. If you have more than 4 splats then multiple PNG images will be created.

The challenge comes when you want to edit them – the 4th splatmap is written to the transparency or alpha layer, and most editing software will not allow you to touch this.

Here is how Unity shows the mask:

And here is how Photoshop shows it – you cant even see the transparency / alpha information – it is inherently just applied to all of the image channels – not very useful!

So to get access to the transparency or alpha channel, do the following:

  1. On Layers Menu, select Layer Mask -> From Transparency.

  2. Which will give you this:

And then to access the full content of the original channels so the you can edit them do this:

  1. Then delete the new layer mask channel:
  2. Photoshop will show the original channel information so that you can edit it:
  3. When you are done, save and use as you please.

Gaia give you many options to use these masks for stamping and spawning in your scene.