What is GeNa ?

GeNa is the swiss army knife of spawning systems, enabling rapid creation of gorgeous looking scenes.

GeNa gives you the flexibility to go fully procedural or fully manual or somewhere in between and cuts days and weeks out of level generation.

Key Features:
- Fast intuitive setup;
- Works with terrains or meshes;
- Works with single or multiple tiles;
- Spawns grasses, trees or prefabs
- Spawns individual items;
- Spawns complex structures;
- Spawns locally or across entire scenes;
- Design time or runtime spawning;
- Precision placement modification;
- Savable as prefabs for re-use;
- Amazing gravity simulation;
- Rock ledge and rock wall building;
- Cool fence building system;
- Multiple spawn algorithms.

Multiple Spawn Algorithms:
- Organic;
- Clustered;
- Last location;
- Every location;
- Local spawns;
- Global spawns;
- Image and noise masking;
- Gravity!

Even before it's launch GeNa is being used by several AAA game studios, and the feedback consistently ranges from somewhere between "Genius!" and "Makes level design fun again."

GeNa is compatible with environments created by any terrain generation system, and is of course the perfect companion to Gaia!


Unity Asset Store

Please click this link to see GeNa on the Unity Asset Store.