Introducing SECTR

Structured Spaces

Introducing SECTR

SECTR is a suite of modules for Unity that allow you to build the best looking, sounding, and most efficient games possible, all by taking advantage of the structure already present in your game world. If you want to stream an open world, bring a huge game to mobile, or take advantage of the latest techniques in audio occlusion and propagation, SECTR is your solution.

SECTR CORE is the foundation of SECTR. It gives you all of the tools and code necessary to divide your scene into Sectors, connect them with Portals, and build your own game systems.

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SECTR AUDIO brings the latest, cutting edge audio production tools and technologies to Unity, letting you create rich, complex, efficient soundscapes with ease.

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SECTR STREAM makes it easy to save memory, increase performance, and decrease load times by splitting your scene into multiple chunks and streaming them in realtime.

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SECTR VIS is a low memory, high performance, dynamic occlusion culling system that ensures you never waste time rendering what the player can’t see.

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SECTR COMPLETE is the cheapest way to buy the entire SECTR suite. Get all three premium modules for the price of two.

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Built with SECTR

Check out a selection of titles built using SECTR.


Campo Santo's Firewatch was patient zero for SECTR. Many of the core authoring tools and streaming technologies were developed to help them implement their vision of an immerse, seamless national forest. SECTR not only powers their world streaming but also serves as an authoring solution that allows everyone on the team to easily edit different parts of the world.

Satellite Reign

5 Lives picked SECTR AUDIO for Satellite Reign because they needed a powerful, high performance, rock solid audio solution capable of supporting their vision for dynamic, dystopian future cities. SECTR AUDIO allowed them to use the AAA tools and workflows they were familiar with to quickly build out the audio for everything from cars to crowds to combat.

iO Moon

iO moon is an original VR experience where you are an astronaut stranded on Jupiter's moon, Europa. iO moon uses both spatial audio and photorealistic visuals to immerse you in the virtual Europa. To realize that vision, they used SECTR AUDIO to create their high fidelity, spatial soundscape and SECTR VIS to ensure that the game looks fantastic while always run at 60 fps.


Exploding Tuba Studios developed an ambitious art pipeline for their science-fiction adventure game, Divide. The game's unique use of isometric detail mapped 3D objects and deep matte paintings required new streaming technology. SECTR COMPLETE has been integral in managing their complex modular levels while also compartmentalizing level assets to speed up team productivity.

The Magic Circle

The Magic Circle is an original take on a game lost in development hell. Composed of assets built to represent games from different decades, the developers required a dynamic occlusion solution (VIS) that could support their very customized renderer. The team also chose SECTR AUDIO for its ease of use, allowing a very small team to create a huge amount of audio, ranging from text adventure typing to 16 bit SFX.


Mute is an open world game, about Love, Brotherhood and Tragedy, where you have to explore an open world wilderness in search of your missing brother. Inspired by the landscapes of the western United States, Mute uses SECTR STREAM and VIS to ensure that it's vast landscapes look great, run well, and always fit in memory.


Ashen is an indie open world RPG created by a small team of passionate developers. Aurora 44 uses SECTR STREAM to power their complex, streaming landscapes, SECTR AUDIO for the environmental SFX, and SECTR VIS to keep everything running smoothly.

Project Nex

Project Nex is an indie FPS that's all about bringing fast paced arena combat back into the main stream. Project NEX uses SECTR STREAM to enable their large single player maps, VIS for high performance graphics, and AUDIO for a soundscape that's as fast as the gameplay.