01 Jan 2019 PW News Team

Product Review: (Gaia is..) "Hands down the BEST asset purchase I've made so far."


Hands down the BEST asset purchase I've made so far.

This is an amazing asset! Works right out of the box, with no problems.

Procedural Worlds went to a LOT of trouble to give you access to everything you need to get you up and running, be it free assets, tutorials, etc.

The support on Discord is top notch and Peter, one of the developers is quick to respond within 24 hours to any questions you might have.

If you need a terrain generator with a ton of potential, loads of support and AAA quality, pick up Gaia. I bought CTS to go with it (I'll post a review on that, later) and plan on picking up SECTR as soon as I can.

You won't be disappointed with Procedural Worlds.