Massive performance at scale.

Storm Features

Storm is a Unity plugin that accelerates and streams any Unity scene or project.

  • Works with any scene
  • 2x -100x framerate improvement
  • Automatic shader conversion to instanced indirect
  • Automatic object and tile based octahedral impostor generation
  • Automatic tile and instance based culling, lodding and rendering
  • Integrated with Gaia Pro, with async scene management as well
  • Runtime support enables massive procedural worlds
  • Automatic collider culling to improve physics
  • Automated multi-threaded binary streaming
  • Earth scale environments 4b x 4b tiles
  • Non destructive workflow for artists
  • Infinite / looped environments
  • Extensible API

Storm Benefits

  • Better GPU utilization:
    • Increased visual fidelity
    • Increased audience reach
    • Reduced power consumption
  • Instant on
    • Extremely fast application and scene load times reduces customer churn
  • Stream & cache only what you need
    • Instant start reduces customer churn
    • Reduce bandwidth costs

From low-poly to high resolution, rich terrains at earth size scales Storm will transform your game, simulation or application.

How will you use the extra headroom that Storm gives you ?