Ambient Skies

Lighting, Skies and Post FX that bring your world to life.

Ambient Skies

Simple - Ambient Skies is a system that consistently creates beautiful scenes with amazing lighting and visuals, with minimal time, effort and frustration.

Flexible - Each component can be used independently so you can use Ambient Skies by itself, or mix and match it with your favorite sky and weather systems - giving you flexibility to deliver professionally matched skies, lighting and post effects for your scenes.

Intuitive - All settings are logically grouped and self documented so you will never again need to work out where to go to find and change that setting on a particular pipeline or wonder what the setting does – just tweak it and see the result instantly!

Compatible - It works with all render pipelines, lighting and post fx modes, and makes informed decisions on how to configure Unity so that you get consistently good results.


  • Full pipeline support – builtin, urp, hdrp
  • Intelligent scene interpretation and setup
  • Procedural, HDRI and third party sky support
  • Automated light probe setup system
  • Automated reflection probe setup system
  • Time of day system for procedural skies
  • Horizon blending system to minimize the clash between skies, fog and terrains
  • 10+ matched hdri skyboxes and scene setups and more coming
  • 30+ post processing styles and more coming
  • All configuration is profile based, editable, and revert-able
  • Change settings in edit mode or at runtime as you please
  • Automated dynamic depth of field system that works across pipelines
  • Configurable lighting performance and quality settings.


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