Navigate your world.

Pegasus. The path based controller system for Unity 3D.

For cut-scene camera  or for mobs of characters and monsters, Pegasus makes it easy to drive anything along a path.  Drive a squad of soldiers through your scene as easily as a flock of birds, herd of deer or a group of tanks.  Set dressing in minutes!

Pegasus allows you to quickly and easily generate fly-throughs and cut scenes to show off your amazing work, or target points of interest for the camera view to pan as you pass.  Pegasus will seamlessly blend it in.

Pegasus is completely scriptable & integrates with Helios by UtopiaWorx, so you can create high resolution 2D, 3D and VR videos for your game!


  • Quickly create flythroughs and cutscenes;
  • Change the scene playback rate;
  • Change the speed and look-at target of each fly-through point;
  • Control the height of the fly-through and automatically avoid ground collisions;
  • Control position and rotation damping;
  • Visualise fly-through path and speed;
  • Plan and control the duration of the entire fly-through so that you can match it to your music;
  • Create Looped or Non Looped fly-throughs.


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