Help and Support

How can we help you ?

How to use our support systems

To get the best experience and the quickest resolution to your issue we suggest the following approach:

  1. Read the Documentation. We include Quick Start guides and detailed documentation with your asset.

  2. Read the Screen. Hover over the controls to see tool tips, or press the ? icon to get in place help.

  3. Watch the tutorials. Go to Canopy, our new community site and watch the tutorials. They are in the Library.

  4. Check the forums. Go to Canopy, and read the forums. Chances are someone has already asked your question. If not, then register (it's free), and send us your invoice details, and you can then make your own post, and we or someone in the community will answer!

  5. Ask Discord. Our Discord channel is an active community full of helpful and knowledgeable people. You can ask for advice but please respect the fact that the community is not there to support you, and they may not want to answer your question.