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Stamp. Texture. Plant. Populate. Play!


Precision Spawn. Design Time. Run Time. Any Time.


Profile Based. PBR Pretty. Weather Control.


Cut Scenes and Flythroughs. Control Anything.

EPIC Terrains for Your Games - In Just Minutes!

Create EPIC environments for your games in just minutes with our incredible stamping technology, procedural texturing, planting and population technology, and then bring it to life with our beautiful PBR terrain shader!

Trusted by thousands of Indies and Pro’s globally, Procedural Worlds tools empower game developers to create AAA game environments in Unity 3D. Our tools put the best procedural content generation techniques on the planet into your hands so that you can create environments that surprise and delight your audiences!

Our signature assets Gaia, GeNa and CTS sculpt, texture, populate and then render AAA open world environments, and Pegasus helps you to bring them to life by driving anything from camera’s to characters through your scenes.

By taking the pain out of creating environments you can be proud of, we help you to make your game the epic you always wanted it to be!

Key Benefits Of Our Technology

QUALITY: Which game will do better when it launches – the one with the Epic AAA Environments or the one that looks like it was made by an amateur? Our tool suite puts the power of procedurally driven content generation into the hands of your artists to dramatically increase the quality of the end result.

TIME & MONEY : What is the most important and expensive asset on any project? If you answered people and time then you have it absolutely right! Our tools reduce the time and cost of creating your scenes.

USABILITY : Have you ever been frustrated with a tool.. you know what you want but just can’t work out how to get it? We obsess on usability and are consistently complimented by our customers on how environmental design is fun again!

Our tools :

  • Save time on level generation
  • Deliver better quality than purely hand created environments
  • Enable fast iteration times – allowing you to explore more quickly
  • Are easy to use – our obsessive focus on usability gets you up and running fast
  • Are integrated with the best assets on the store to deliver AAA results
  • Are backed by support systems then ensure you get value for money
  • Combats designer fatigue and bias.

What do our Customers think ?


GAIA is a system that enables rapid and precise creation of gorgeous looking terrains and scenes – out of the box!

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GeNa is the swiss army knife of spawning systems, enabling rapid creation of gorgeous looking scenes.

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Pegasus allows you to quickly and easily generate fly through’s and cut scenes to show off your work.

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A terrain shading system that is fast, powerful, and most importantly easy to use!

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As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

GAIA's intuitive interface makes it easy to bring your vision to life and enables rapid iteration by turning weeks of work into minutes!

1. Stamp

From craggy mountains to rolling hills to dramatic river valleys GAIA makes it easy create the environment you want by literally stamping it into the terrain!

2. Texture

Gaia’s rule based texturing system turns weeks of effort into minutes, and can be easily customized to create any effect or biome you want – and on any terrain!

3. Populate

It’s as much fun exploring the environments you create as it is making them! A few clicks gets you interesting hidden villages, rocky outcrops, deep forests and beautify grassy hills.

Meet Our Wizard,
Adam Goodrich!

Adam is an award-winning technologist with thirty years experience in enterprise computing with more than half of this time spent doing internet based start-ups in Australia and Silicon Valley, USA. He is proud to have helped save fisheries from extinction, built a digital agency to over one hundred people before selling it and worked in senior positions for industry giants like Microsoft.

Attracted to the artistry and technology in the game space Adam made a radical change in direction in 2015 and launched Procedural Worlds and GAIA. In its first week GAIA was both the top grossing and most popular asset on the store and has become the most recognized and popular terrain tool on the asset store – ever.

Since then Adam has launched GeNa, CTS and Pegasus and each tool adds more sophistication and capability to this environmentally focused suite. He is successful because of his obsessive focus on the customer, quality, ease of use, support, and most importantly value for money!

Having discovered a passion for this space, Adam now spends way too much time working to deliver more and better systems to help game developers realize their dreams.