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    Procedural Worlds, home of GAIA

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    Unity Terrain Creator

    stamp, texture, plant, populate

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    Artist Friendly

    Design your scenes to suit your gameplay!

Welcome to Procedural Worlds! 

Procedural Worlds is a company that specialises in the creation of procedural generation systems for Unity3D, and is the creator of GAIA and Pegasus.

GAIA is a designer and programmer friendly system that enables rapid and precise creation of gorgeous looking terrains and scenes.

With Gaia you will:

  • Define and manage the resources you will use in your scene (or use the ones we set up for you)
  • Create and terraform your terrain by stamping mountains, hills and lakes or any of the over 150 stamps that come with Gaia
  • And then leverage your resources to procedurally texture, plant, and populate your terrain using spawners.


GeNa is the swiss army know of procedural content generators. Unlike Gaia, GeNa specialises just in spawning content into your scene, and takes the procedural content generation process to the next level.


Pegasus is a cutscene and flythrough generator designed and with ease of in mind to show off the gorgeous environments you create with tools like Gaia.



Take a look though our site and check it out!