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World Manager API and Unity Timeline

What is World Manager API? World Manager API (WAPI) is a light weight command and control system for Unity 3D that manages all your environmental assets via one simple API. It bridges the gap between your game and the assets it uses so that systems that support it can be quickly and easily configured to...
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Unity Terrain And Environmental Tutorials

Get the best out of Unity 3D with this suite of Terrain and Environmental Design Video tutorials from Adam Goodrich, author of Gaia, GeNa, CTS and Pegasus. Articles: Unity 3D Scene And Terrain Optimization with Gaia – This article covers a wide range of suggestions to improve your performance and frame rates and is worth...
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Best of The Best Unity Assets

This is my go to list of the best environmental assets on the store. They go into almost every project i create. You might also be interested in my curated megalist of FREE unity assets. Free does not have to mean low quality! 3D Models – Awesome photogrammetry based models Grass HQ Photographic Textures...
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Best Cheap Unity Assets – Curated Mega List

This page contains a curated list of quality CHEAP (<$15) tools and models to start your Unity game. If you would prefer free then check out the FREE assets page. Free does not mean low quality – there are some real gems there! 2D: CraftPix : great collection of free and cheap 2D tilesets and GUI templates....
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Unity 3D Game Optimization and Lighting Articles

Here is a collection of useful game and scene optimization articles for Unity 3D. Setting SpeedTree Up to Use Instancing – This tutorial shows how to set SpeedTree up to use instancing – this get’s you a substantial performance boost. Optimizing Your Scenes for Mobile – This tutorial runs through how you can optimize your scenes...
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