GeNa Pro

Splines, Paths, Rivers, Roads,  Cities.

Sophisticated Level Design

GeNa Pro is a sophisticated procedural level design system that turns days of work into hours to rapidly and intuitively populate your scenes.

GeNa Pro is was designed with both design time and runtime API control and extensibility in mind, so you can customize and embed it into your own solutions.

GeNa Pro is integrated with Gaia Pro, so that it is simple and fast to create environments that 'just work', It comes with sample spawner packs for Gaia Pro and Flooded Grounds, so you can be up and running around in your own levels within minutes.

GeNa Pro consists of the following major components:

  • GeNa Spawners: Spawn assets into scenes.
  • GeNa Map Builder: Chooses optimal locations and creates towns connects by roads.
  • GeNa Decorators: Decorate assets with logic that influences spawning.
  • GeNa Splines: Defines paths for Spawners & Spline Extensions.
  • GeNa Rivers: A specialized spline extension for river networks.
  • GeNa Roads: A specialized spline extension for road networks.
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Key Benefits

  • Easy to use.
  • Nicer environments.
  • Massive time savings.
  • Replicable quality through automation.
  • Better frame rates (dependent on situation).
  • Better lighting.

Key Features

  • Spawns textures, grasses, trees, prefabs, complex structures, rivers, roads.
  • Single, global, paint & spline based spawn modes.
  • Works with terrains and meshes across multiple terrain tiles.
  • Extensible spawner, decorator and spline systems.
  • Automated prefab optimization system.
  • Automated light probe placement.
  • Edit and runtime spawning modes.
  • In editor physics based spawning.
  • API controllable.

Supported Pipelines

  • GeNa needs compute shader support to work.
  • Pipeline agnostic, we spawn what you put in.
  • River shader currently supports built in. Multi-pipeline support will be added in a later release. Swap in own shader for your preferred pipeline.

Road Map

We have big plans for GeNa Pro, and it is under active development. 

Roads & paths

  • New roads and path shader with multi lane support, intersections and decals, bridges and underpasses.


  • Multiple render pipelines

Runtime Terrain Generation

  • Ability to create and texture Unity and Mesh terrains at runtime.