Creative & Development

We specialize in creating rich procedurally generated environments

that perform well on console, desktop, mobile and VR.

Automated procedural content creation.

The demand for increasingly sophisticated content across a wide range of industries, technologies and use cases is growing exponentially. So too is the cost to generate it.

Industry needs a fundamentally different approach to deliver quality content, faster and cheaper if it is to meet this demand.

Procedural Worlds delivers on this demand by empowering every-day people to create cost effective content at scale using our unique artist driven procedural content generation systems.

We work with the biggest global brands in gaming, automotive, technology and government to create rich environments for vr games, driving simulations, mobile games, and product launches.

Our technology generates everything from rich real world environments created from online mapping meta data, to imaginary low poly cities that run well on low end vr hardware.

Most of our projects are delivered under NDA, however some of the more interesting projects we have delivered include:

  • Hero content for the product launch of Google Maps for Unity (see background video on this page). Procedurally recreating the real world in a range of styles from  mapping metadata

  • Creation of rich stylized real world environments from a range of mapping data sources for a mobile strategy game 

  • Multiplayer VR Games on Oculus Go that creates stylized worlds based on sensed environmental and mapping data in real time

  • Accurate recreation of the real world from cad and lidar data for a VR based driving simulator

We work with you to understand your objectives and suggest of breed approaches to delivering them. This can range from pure environmental generation to new technology creation to integration of our technology into your pipeline.

With a deep background in digital and enterprise computing we bring strong technical leadership, industry leading talent and technology, and proven project management to your project.